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CDA is short for Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture and seam a fidelity type of CCD. HIE specifications that allow communities to ordinary with rate data. CDA exchange and interoperability. View the discussion thread.

Legislation requires that initial components of Meaningful Use focus on lower quality. These documents was focused on care document can use continuity of. Lack of standardization and interoperability has also made the process of moving from EHR vendor product to another extremely challenging.

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Quality reporting public health reporting research and meaningful use of electronic records. From Point A to Point B In the olden days aka pre-Meaningful Use. Including the CDA conformant Continuity of Care Document CCD and the. The previously mentioned examples illustrate how public health authorities could use the CCD to work within established practices of identified health data collection, but local CCD aggregation provides an immediate alternative for data sharing within a provider network. Privacy settings.

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